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The moment you take the capsules, all the active ingredients are released into your gastrointestinal tract. The essential ingredients will reduce the capacity of the cells to absorb fat from the food. This helps in the process of losing weight at a faster pace.

Common side effects

The capsules are effective in burning excess body fat. So it is obvious that side effects may be common. Patients may experience a burning sensation in the urine with mild or severe pain in the back portion of the spine.
In some cases, patients may not feel like urinating very often. It can lead to drowsiness and mood swings. Some patients who do not follow strict dose limits may also experience severe pain in the intestinal tract.
Vomiting and nausea are also the two most common side effects that you may face. Loss of appetite is also seen in many patients as the capsule kills your craving to eat more.

When to avoid taking this medicine?

In general, pregnant women should never be administered this medicine. Even if you are overweight due to pregnancy, taking Orlistat is never recommended. Before you take this medicine, it is better to consult your health expert.
Your complete body condition has to be monitored by an expert physician. The medicine is not sold without a valid prescription; you may only be able to buy it online.

Dose details

Patients who are administered this medicine should follow strict dose limits as per the physician. Young kids should never be prescribed this medicine.

When not to take Xenical 60 mg?

Holding a valid history of gallbladder issues or any pancreatic conditions should be monitored before the medicine is prescribed. If you have weak liver conditions, then avoid taking this medicine.
The medicine is also not administered for any patient who highly has diabetes.

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